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Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. "Body bg image - SV" is a free plugin for Joomla which adds responsive background images to the full screen of your page. This gives your site an individual look. The free version of this plugin enables the background image to be changed twice every other day. The shift takes place at a time specified by you, taking into account the time zone you selected.

  2. Quick unit converter that converts common units of measurement.
    - Acceleration , Area , Torque , Electricity , Energy , Force , Force / Length , Length , Light , Mass , Mass Flow , Density , Mass capacity , Power , Pressure & Stress , Temperature , Time , Velocity & Speed , Viscosity , Volume & Capacity , Volume Flow
    - Responsive Design

  3. This plugin is for changing the Joomla admin address.
    Easily change the management address to the desired address
    For example, convert administrator to admin ->

  4. Ruxin Login Notification is a great plugin that notifies you via email when someone logged in to your site.
    - Ability to ignore user groups.
    - Ability to ignore specific user.
    - Send the IP, username, ID and login time to your email after user login.

  5. This plugin uses {ytnc} tags to identify videos to embed. It can be optionally configured to detect links to YouTube videos, but this is not as easy to use as the display configuration options must be included in the URL. This plugin is also capable of embedding using a process called Lazy Loading, where the video thumbnail and a play button is displayed, and when clicked - the video is loaded. This greatly reduces page load times, but requires users to click twice to play a video.


    • Embeds YouTube with NO COOKIES
    • Implements all 21 embed options available from YouTube
    • Global and individual embed parameters, parameters cascade
    • LazyLoading option
    • Automatic integration with RicheyWeb "System - Google Analytics (No Cookies)"
    • Override defaults for individual videos using the {ytnc} tag
    • Embeds using almost any valid YouTube video URL
    • Can optionally auto-embed YouTube links

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LT Fitness is premium single & clear Joomla! template for creative design company. This template support strong template framework, powerful page builder, fully responsive layout and unlimited positions. It builds with latest Bootstrap CSS Framework, and support Font Awesome, extended K2 style and so on.

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